Hi! Thanks for your interest in a role at le Porter. We've just got a few questions we'd like to ask you as part of our expression of interest process. Once completed, we will be in touch with you in a few days. Thanks! Abbie Allen
le Porter is a new and unique business within Adelaide. Aligning with our parent business Lifestyle Elements Concierge, we've created a subscription housekeeping service, providing an amazing in-home experience for our customers where we simply get their tasks done. We ensure that our clients are excited to walk into their homes after their Porter has been. We complete the tasks they love to hate - making the bed, folding the clothes, washing the dishes, watering the plants......whatever is on their list, we do it for them...exactly the same...every visit. We're now looking to grow our team and bring on some amazing casual staff to help us continue to deliver this unique service to our growing client base. Is this you? We'd love you to answer a few questions to help us find out.

Want to know more? Go to our website and click 'Become A Porter' on our Contact page.

Hi! It's great to have you here. Can you please tell us your full name? *

So, in a few words, please tell us why you would be the perfect person to join the le Porter team? *

Are you looking for flexibility in your working days and hours? Are you looking for a casual role with regular hours and/or days? Or are you looking for something else? Tell us how you want to work. *

What would be your ideal job right now? What would you do, and when and how would you work? *

What are your thoughts on working in a job where you will spend the majority of your time on your own? *

Every client we visit has a very specific list of tasks with clear, step by step procedures to ensure we provide an amazing and consistent service every time. How do you feel about working in this way? *

What do you think is the key role of the le Porter housekeeping staff? *

We'd love to learn a little bit about you? Please share - it could be where you live, your hobbies, your favourite restaurant, your travel experiences - anything that you feel will give us an insight into the real you! *

Just a bit of housekeeping ;)

Do you have a car or have access to a car for work? *

Would you be studying or working another job whilst also working for le Porter? (That's totally cool - we'd just like to know). *

What suburb do you live in? *

Are you happy to work in homes where there are pets such as cats and dogs? *

Do you have experience in any similar roles such as housekeeping, hospitality, cleaning etc? *

Do you think there is anything else we need to know? Do you have any comments or questions? *

Thanks so much for your time! We look forward to reading your expression of interest and will be in touch soon. If we need anything further from you, we will let you know. We will also advise you if we would like to invite you to be part of the formal application process. Please note we bring on staff throughout the year so there will hopefully be numerous opportunities over time with us. In the meantime, if you know anyone else who you link would be perfect for le Porter, please send the link to this form to them. x Abbie Allen - Founder - le Porter

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